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Crit post

I guess it's time I did one of these. It makes me kind of nervous, but I know there are people who won't give crit in any other venue, and I'd hate to miss out on crit because of that.

Anyway, you guys know the drill: anon commenting is on, IP logging is off, crit me with your best shot. This post is for Ryuugasaki Momoko, Maria Tachibana, Matsunaga Sara, Tsukasa Shuro, Narumi Shouhei, Suou Katsuya, and Rupert Venables.

Comments are not screened, however. I've never really seen the point of that.


hiatus times are here again

... o rite I probably ought to mention that tomorrow I am being dragged off on a family vacation to a cabin in West Virginia where internet will presumably not be available. I'll be back in about five days. Apologies to anyone I have ongoing threads with; I'll pick up when I get back, if that's all right.

And this is for Momoko/Maria/Ever17!Sara/Shuro/Narumi/Katsuya/Rupert. \o/
Back from Japan, but my computer is still in the shop, so I'm extending my hiatus through Monday (which is when it's supposed to be done). In the meantime I have use of the family computer, but as I'm sharing it with six other people, I don't expect to have much internet time. Sorry. Also, I know I dropped a few threads right before I left, so poke me if you want something picked up (sometime after Monday, obviously).

- Momoko/Maria/Sara/Shuro/Narumi/Katsuya
... yeah we're not even going to talk about how late this is.

June threadsCollapse )


i.e. jump meme! Coming off a month-long not-hiatus, I seem to be having trouble getting back into things, so maybe this will help.

Feel free to comment whether our characters have never met, spoke once but never again, or threaded a few times but haven't lately. I can't promise not to fail horribly at this, but goddammit, I will try.

I play Momoko, Maria, Sara, Shuro, Narumi, and Katsuya.Collapse )

May. 2nd, 2009

Oops, it's a day late. Almost two days late, even.

May threadsCollapse )

This was a month of fail. Although now that I look at it, it wasn't actually that much worse than usual.


I have an annotated bibliography due tomorrow that I don't feel like working on just yet. Meme time!

... my "reasons for apping" all turned into long-winded apping stories, but oh well.

yeah you know what this isCollapse )

Nine successful apps and thirteen unsuccessful, by the way... unless I'm forgetting some, which is possible.


While everyone else is on the "canon familiarity poll" bandwagon, I am going to jump on a different bandwagon entirely. Ha! I am unique and different in my sheepiness.

How's My Driving Meme

(... yeah I don't feel like doing the obnoxious huge text.)


Maybe this time I'll even remember to update it before the end of the month!

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April is now officially known as "Everyone-Gets-Ignored-In-Favor-Of-Katsuya Month." Balance, I cannot has it.